Pre-recorded Session | Discover Japan and Ritsumeikan University

This Fall, Ritsumeikan University shares with you a 20-minute on-demand video that covers our annual visit cycles when we would be visiting your school.  

This video will cover main topics at visits such as: 

  • Why students should consider Japan as a study destination 
  • A brief introduction to Ritsumeikan University 
  • The programs they can study at Ritsumeikan. (Study in English-medium, even in Japan!) 
  • Admission Overview
Following the video, how would they handle the application process? Well, to add to their research and questions, we encourage that you invite your students to visit our online Q&A Webinars. We can help them prepare their application, discover Japan and Ritsumeikan deeper after watching the video, that best suits their needs.  

10:00-11:00 AM JST


6:00-7:00 PM JST