G10 托福雅思模擬考成績繳交之替代方案(托福在家模擬考/多鄰國)





【替代方案一】多鄰國英語考試 Duolingo English Test 

目前此項考試,為海外3500所大學列為入學英語檢定考試,在家即可進行測試。請登入網站(連結),註冊並購買考試後,就可在家進型測試。由於Duolingo English Test 存在帳號封鎖或無法出分的風險,考試前,請先閱讀相關考試規定(連結),如有任何問題,可與留學暨語言中心討論解決方法,但仍需自行點選官方網頁右下方的HELP按鍵,與多鄰國官方客服進行聯繫或申訴 。成績出分後,請上傳考試證書(含姓名、照片、考試日期、總分以及各項分數)至Google Classroom → Class of 2024 CLC Announcement →1102 College Counseling Class→TOEFL IELTS Mock Test Submission。

【替代方案二】托福線上模擬考 TOEFL Practice Online 



  1. 閱讀線上托福模擬考的介紹(附件),請先確認自己的電腦作業系統符合考試軟體需求(第11-21頁)請勿用手機或平板電腦進行考試。
  2. 以學校郵箱註冊帳號密碼後,輸入考試序號(authorization code)。
  1. 可自行在網站(www.ets.org/toefl/shoptestprep)購買authorization code,或向留學暨語言中心詢問購買。如果需向學校購買考試序號,請填寫表單,將於5-7工作天後收到郵件通知,此費用NTD$1500,將計下個月的月費單收取。
  2. 請注意序號使用期限,使用效期為授權碼啟用後的90天。另外若有儲存或列印成績單之需求,需於完成模擬測驗後的30天內進行。
  3. 一組授權碼代表一套模擬測驗,僅能使用一次。
  4. 考試者在完整做完所有大題後,於24小時內可取得分數。口說和寫作成績將透過ETS 的E-rater和Speechrater 預估人工評分的分數。
  5. 成績出爐後,請學生將PDF上傳至Google Classroom。



如果有任何托福、雅思、多鄰國等備考問題,歡迎聯繫留學暨語言中心Ms. Karen 02-85128240。

Dear Students and Parents,  

The deadline for TOEFL/IELTS submission is June 10th. You still have 40 days to arrange your test. Due to the impact of Covid-19, the Counseling and Language Center offers alternative plans for students to prepare for tests at home. Two options are provided as follows: 

【Option 1】 Duolingo English Test 

Duolingo English Test (DET) has been used as an English proficiency test for college applications since the outbreak of coronavirus. During the pandemic, the Duolingo English Test provides accessibility of fair testing experience for international students. However, it is possible that you fail to receive test results or experience account suspension because of violations of the test rules. We recommend you read the regulations (link) before the test. If you have any technical difficulties, please contact the Duolingo English Test Support Team, a HELP button on the bottom right corner. Once you receive your test results, please upload the certificate (including your name, test date, overall score, and subscores) to Google Classroom → Class of 2024 CLC Announcement →1102 College Counseling Class→TOEFL IELTS Mock Test Submission. 

【Option 2】 TOEFL Practice Online 

Website: https://toeflpractice.ets.org/ 

If you are a first-time user of this website, you are welcome to come to CLC to ask for help. And, if you have already tried TOEFL Practice Online at school, you are encouraged to take the practice test at home.  

  1. Read the instructions and make sure your computer or laptop is compatible with the software. (Page.11-21.) The software for the test is only designed for desktops or laptops, it may not function well if you are using phones or tablets. 
  2. Please use your school email to register for an account, and enter the authorization code.
  3. You can purchase the authorization code on their website (www.ets.org/toefl/shoptestprep). Or, if you want to purchase one from the school, please sign up in this form. The authorization code will be emailed to you around 5-7 working days. NTD$1500 will be charged on your monthly bill. 
  4. Please pay attention to the expiration day of the authorization code. 
  5. Authorization codes expire 90 days from the date assigned. 
  6. TOEFL Practice Online Tests are one-time use.  During testing, you can pause the test and continue testing at a later time.  Completed tests cannot be reset or restarted.
  7. Test Results will be available within 24 hours after you complete all test sections. Scores of speaking and writing will be graded with the help of a built-in rating system. 
  8. Please upload a PDF file to Google Classroom after you complete the test. 

TOEFL mock tests on May 26th and June 9th will be held as planned. IELTS on May 28th will also be held as planned(Sign-up Form). If you have any questions regarding TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test, please contact CLC Ms. Karen at 02-85128240. 


CLC Ms. Karen